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Discover Community-Centred Dental Care at My Dentist Blackwood: Where Your Smile Is Part of Our Neighbourhood

Nurturing smiles is at the heart of our clinic, where community connection meets dental wellness to achieve healthy smiles.

Benefit from a streamlined payment experience through our chosen provider, designed to align with your orthodontic treatment financial needs.

Our Payment Options at My Dentist Blackwood

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Embracing the Local Community's Spirit: The Foundation of Our Dental Clinic's Commitment to Care

Our dental clinic thrives on local community engagement, fostering a shared commitment to health, well-being, and compassionate care.

At My Dentist Blackwood, the local community is not just a location but the essence of our values. Our engagement with neighbours and families shapes our approach to dental care, creating a warm environment that resonates with community spirit. We believe in building connections that go beyond dental wellness.

Our clinic’s commitment to the local community is reflected in every smile we nurture. It’s a partnership that celebrates health, trust, and a shared sense of belonging.

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My Dentist Blackwood Welcomes You to Our
Community-Focused Clinic,
Where Society and Dental Care Unite

Our community brings dental professionals and patients together, fostering collaboration and support for optimal dental health and well-being.

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My Dentist Blackwood is deeply rooted in community values, offering dental care that emphasises connection, compassion, and individualised attention.

Welcome Here Project

Supporting the Welcome Here Project, My Dentist Blackwood celebrates LGBTIQ diversity, fostering an inclusive environment where everyone belongs.

Blackwood Community Recreation Centre

We partnered with Blackwood Recreation Centre to help promote health, fitness, community wellness, and engagement for all ages.

Autism Friendly Charter

Supporting the Autism Friendly initiative, we foster inclusive spaces and practices for the broader autism-aware community.

We are proud sponsors of

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