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Get Protected with Custom Mouthguards in Blackwood  

Are you active in sports? Make sure to protect your teeth with custom mouthguards in Blackwood so that you can win the game with a beautiful smile!

Secure high-quality custom mouthguards in Blackwood through our preferred payment options, intended for a smooth and convenient process without straining your finances.

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Unlocking Confidence
with Custom Mouthguards

A custom mouthguard is a personalised dental appliance designed to absorb impact during a collision to protect the teeth.

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Without proper mouth protection when playing contact sports, the teeth are at high risk of injury, cracking, chipping, and being knocked out. These problems can cause bleeding, pain, and irreversible damage that could impact dental health. They may also require additional and more invasive dental procedures.

My Dentist Blackwood offers mouthguards crafted to protect your teeth. Embrace the next level of tooth protection with our custom-fit mouthguards in Blackwood.

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Why Choose My Dentist Blackwood

At My Dentist Blackwood, your smile’s protection is our priority. We invest in advanced technology to deliver high-quality personalised mouthguards in Blackwood.

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We take pride in being the only dental clinic in Blackwood to offer this exclusive service. Utilising this advanced technology, we provide the most comfortable and thorough cleaning experience.

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Comprehensive Dental Care

From preventive measures to modern treatments, our range of dental care services is tailored to meet every individual’s oral health needs.

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As a preferred provider for Bupa and HCF, we strive to make quality dental care accessible, offering more benefits to members.

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Rooted in Blackwood, SA, we actively participate in community events, foster partnerships, and support local initiatives to contribute to our vibrant community.

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Protecting Your Winning Smile:
The Lifelong Benefits of
Custom Mouthguards

Custom mouthguards in Blackwood can provide effective dental protection for athletes and active individuals, helping to maintain a healthy smile.

Personalised Fit and Comfort

At My Dentist Blackwood, our mouthguards are custom-made using a mould of your teeth, so they can precisely fit the unique shape of your teeth and gums. This personalized approach leads to a more comfortable fit and reduces the risk of the mouthguard becoming loose or affecting your teeth’s alignment, unlike generic over-the-counter options.

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services general dentistry custom mouthguards benefits1
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services general dentistry custom mouthguards benefits2

Enhanced Durability and Quality

Our personalised mouthguards in Blackwood are crafted from durable materials that can handle impacts, and strong blows and protect the teeth from dental injuries during sports. Designed with the right thickness, they are comfortable to wear without irritating your gums or feeling too bulky. Plus, they’re built for long-term use, making them a cost-effective option for safeguarding your teeth.

Optimal Protection and Prevention

Customised mouthguards in Blackwood provide protection against tooth damage, including broken or lost teeth, due to their precise fit. These dental devices help absorb and distribute impact evenly, reducing the force exerted on your teeth. As a result, they offer comprehensive protection against potential tooth fractures.
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services general dentistry custom mouthguards benefits3

Defend Your Smile: Assessing If You're a Candidate for Custom Mouthguards

Discover if you’re the right candidate to defend your smile with mouthguards at My Dentist Blackwood. We perform a comprehensive evaluation to provide appropriate recommendations.

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For the sports enthusiasts: A game-changing protection

If you're engaging in contact sports like basketball, cricket, baseball, hockey, and other games, you can benefit from custom-fit mouthguards in Blackwood.

For individuals who enjoy strenuous activities as leisure

Individuals engaging in strenuous leisure activities may be suitable candidates for wearing customised mouthguards for dental safety during adventurous activities.

For those who suffer from tooth grinding

Dentists advise patients with bruxism to wear protective mouthguards to minimise the adverse effects of this dental condition and alleviate discomfort.

For patients battling sleep apnea

Custom-fit mouthguards are recommended for individuals experiencing sleep apnea. A night guard prevents the upper airway from collapsing when sleeping, providing more restful sleep.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you puzzled about which mouthguard is right for you or how to maintain it for long-lasting use? You’ve come to the right place; our FAQ section is designed to clarify all your doubts and concerns.

The cost of a custom mouthguard in Blackwood can vary based on a few factors. Generally speaking, the price can range between $200 and $300. The materials used and the complexity of the design you choose for your mouthguard may influence the actual cost.

At My Dentist Blackwood, we discuss the estimated cost of your personalised mouthguards to give you an idea and prepare your budget beforehand.

The time it takes to get a custom mouthguard made can vary depending on several factors, such as the specific dental practice you’re working with, the laboratory’s workload, and shipping times if the mould needs to be sent to an external lab. However, a common timeframe is about a week for the entire process.

Here’s a general outline of what the process might look like:

  1. Initial Consultation:
    During your first visit, the dentist will assess your needs and discuss the suitable type of mouthguard for you.

  2. Taking Impressions:
    The dentist will take an impression of your teeth using dental putty. This usually takes only a few minutes.

  3. Sending to Lab:
    The impression is then sent to a dental laboratory where the custom mouthguard will be fabricated. This is often the longest part of the process.

  4. Lab Work:
    The lab will use the impression to create a mouthguard that fits your teeth precisely. This can take several days.

  5. Shipping Time:
    If the lab is external, shipping time to and from the lab will need to be factored in.

  6. Final Fitting:
    Once the mouthguard is ready, you’ll have another appointment for a final fitting. The dentist may make minor adjustments for comfort and fit.


So, while a week is a common timeframe, it’s recommended to consult with your specific dental provider for the most accurate estimate.

Our approach to fabricating custom mouthguards in Blackwood involves a personalised and precise process, making them comfortable to wear. They should not cause discomfort in your mouth or impact your bite alignment.

Here are essential tips on how you can keep your custom-fit mouthguard clean and well-maintained:

  • Rinse the mouthguard.
    Rinse your mouthguard with cool water to remove saliva and debris after each use. Remember to avoid using hot water because it can warp and distort the shape of your mouthguard.

  • Soap and water.
    You can use mild soap and water to clean your mouthguard. You will also need a toothbrush to scrape away debris that may have accumulated in your mouthguard.

  • Gentle brush and toothpaste.
    Opt for a soft toothbrush and mild toothpaste when brushing your mouthguard. Brush every nook or surface of the mouthguard to dislodge any debris left. Do not use abrasive cleaners, as they can damage the material of your mouthguard.

  • Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar.
    One way to deep clean your mouthguards is by soaking them in a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and
    vinegar. Let them sit for about thirty minutes, rinse in cool water, and then air dry.


For more detailed cleaning instructions or any questions, our dental team looks forward to talking with you.

The frequency at which you need to replace your mouthguard depends on how you use them. For instance, if you play sports activities for several hours each day, you might find it beneficial to replace your dental appliance every six months or so. Regular replacement allows you to have a properly positioned and functional mouthguard that provides efficient protection during strenuous activities.

It is advisable to seek guidance from your dentist regarding when to replace a mouthguard, as it can vary from person to person. At My Dentist Blackwood, we consider your specific needs to determine how often you should obtain new sports guards.

Custom-fit mouthguards are designed to cushion your teeth against strong impacts when playing sports. You can’t wear them while sleeping as they are not meant to function the same as night guards, which protect your teeth from grinding and clenching. Wearing sports guards can otherwise pose a risk of damage to your teeth when you wear them while sleeping, as they are often not made of the same material and thickness as night guards.

If you are concerned about bruxism and considering wearing protective dental appliances, don’t hesitate to contact My Dentist Blackwood for a personalised assessment and to discuss your options.

Our customised approach in fabricating your mouthguard allows us to provide one that fits comfortably and is less likely to interfere with your ability to speak clearly or breathe normally. You can focus on your game rather than the fitting of your mouthguard.

If you have questions or concerns about the effects of wearing a mouthguard on your speech or breathing, please reach out to us.

Many health funds recognise the importance of using custom mouthguards and thus include them in dental cover. Some companies may offer to cover the cost partially or fully. However, this can differ from one health fund to another, as each provider has unique policies and dental cover criteria.

We advise contacting your health fund provider directly to review your health fund policy. This way, you can prepare your finances and make a well-informed decision. Feel free to ask us about this concern.

The fabrication process of custom-made mouthguards necessitates taking impressions or moulds of your teeth and gums. These models are a crucial part of the procedure, as the dental technician at the laboratory uses them to design mouthguards tailored to your unique oral anatomy so they fit snugly to the contours of your teeth, jaw, and gum line.

The following are signs that indicate that your sports guard is well-fitted to your unique dental structures:

  • Unrestricted breathing.
    As we’ve previously discussed, you should be able to breathe naturally without obstruction when wearing your mouthguard.

  • Clear speech.
    A proper fit should allow you to communicate without noticeable changes in how you speak or have speech difficulties.

  • Secure hold.
    They should not feel wobbly in your mouth and allow you to play sports safely or without hindrance. Otherwise, they are not precisely fitted into your oral structures.

  • No gagging.
    A seamless fit should not trigger your gag reflex or cause discomfort at the back of your mouth.

  • Proper bite.
    Your bite, or how your upper and lower teeth fit together, should remain aligned while wearing the mouthguard.

The ability to adjust or resize a mouthguard largely depends on the type of guard you have. Here are some general guidelines:

  1. Boil-and-Bite Mouthguards:
    These are the most common types of mouthguards and are available at many sporting goods stores. They are made from a thermoplastic material that softens when boiled. After boiling, the guard is placed in the mouth and moulded around the teeth using finger and tongue pressure. If the fit isn’t quite right, you can usually re-boil and re-mould these a few times.

  2. Custom-Fitted Mouthguards:
    These are made by a dentist or a specialized lab to fit your teeth precisely. They are not adjustable once they’ve been made. If the fit is not correct, you’ll likely need to have a new one made.

  3. Stock Mouthguards:
    These are pre-formed and come as-is. They are the least expensive but also the least comfortable and protective. They generally cannot be adjusted for fit.

If your mouthguard doesn’t fit properly, it’s crucial to address the issue. A poorly fitting mouthguard can be uncomfortable and may not provide the protection you need.

There are generally no specific age restrictions when getting a custom mouthguard. In fact, mouthguards can benefit individuals of all ages who engage in activities that put their teeth at risk, such as potential high-impact sports. Whether you’re a child, teenager, adult, or senior, a personalised mouthguard in Blackwood can provide essential protection for your teeth and dental structures. Kids can wear them as long as they understand how to wear them properly.

Appropriate storage of your mouthguard is essential for maintaining its quality and cleanliness. The list below contains tips on how to keep them in good condition:

  • Avoid heat and sunlight.
    Keep your mouthguards away from direct sunlight and high temperatures, including hot water. They can cause the appliance to warp and lose its shape.

  • Air dry.
    After cleaning or rinsing them, avoid using a cloth to wipe away water residue. Instead, allow it to air
    dry before storage. This prevents the growth of bacteria due to moisture.

  • Choose the proper container.
    Instead of storing your mouthguard in a closed box, which can promote the accumulation of bacteria, ask your dentist for a recommended container. Properly designed containers provide ventilation while protecting the mouthguard.

  • Pet safety.
    If you have a dog in your household, keep your mouthguard out of their reach.

  • Keep away from the bathroom.
    Store your mouthguard outside of your bathroom or toilet. These places can harbour germs and bacteria that may easily spread in the air and come into contact with your mouthguard.

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