Our Service

Preventive Dentistry

Equal emphasis is placed on preventing dental diseases as treating them. Education and advice will be tailored to each individual to ensure your oral health is stabilised and maintained. Routine check up and clean appointments are recommended every six months. Pain is not always a good indicator of dental disease decay can often be painless. Once pain starts the treatment required can often be a lot more complex. 

Our Dentists will carefully check the health of your teeth, jaw bone, gums, cheeks and tongue. This is done through visual clinical inspection and radiographic examination. Radiographs are instrumental in ensuring a thorough examination by exposing areas that can not be seen visually, and are taken when due, or necessary, for further investigation. Time will be spent to explain the clinical and radiographic findings to inform you on the current state of your oral health and any treatment that is required, if required. We will also discuss any concerns you may have about your teeth, smile and oral health. 

We us the latest EMS NO PAIN scalers and polishers to ensure your comfort during scale and clean appointments. Calculus or tartar-staining deposits daily on our teeth and contains harmful bacteria. It is important that this build up is gently removed as part of your dental visit. 


Covid-19 Update – Level 1 Restrictions

To our valued patients,

Great news, we are now back to Level 1 restrictions! This means we can treat patients and perform all normal dental procedures. We will now begin contacting all patients that had their appointments postponed during the level 2 and 3 restrictions.

We are taking the following steps to ensure the safety of all:

  • Screening all patients to ensure they are well and have not recently returned from overseas or interstate. That they have not been in contact with anyone who is or may be a COVID-19 risk
  • Adhering to social distancing
  • Using hand sanitizer on arrival
  • Using pre mouthwash rinse prior to treatment
  • Using the highest necessary standard of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Regular and thorough cleaning of all surfaces

If you are unwell or experiencing any cold and flu like symptoms, we ask that you please stay at home and postpone your appointment until you are well and have been cleared of any COVID-19 risk.

We appreciate your patience and look forward to seeing you soon.