After Care

* Please note that all of the below information is intended as a helpful general guide, there maybe individual variations. We recommend calling our practice for further questions. *

When local anaesthetics is needed for your comfort it can take approximately 2-3 hours to regain normal sensation to the area however, this varies some people metabolise the anaesthetic faster and some slower then this range. It is important to be careful with your mouth during this time to prevent injuries to the numb area. 

Once you leave our clinic the filling is at its maximum strength so special care for the restorative material is not required unless advised at the appointment.


For extensive and deep fillings it is normal that the surrounding gums can be a bit tender and the tooth slightly sensitive for a short time afterwards. Please contact us if you do not experience steady improvement.   

We recommend you try to have a restful day after an extraction. Please refer to the post-operative instructions sheet we provide you, if you have any further questions or concerns please contact our practice.

The teeth can transiently feel more sensitive after a clean especially if there was extensive build-up blanketing the teeth. The bacterial build-up can also cause the gums to recede resulting in more sensitive teeth. We recommend using sensitive tooth paste or tooth mousse if this occurs.
The gums may feel tender after the clean warm salt water rinses will help settle them down. Once they heal over the next day or two they will be much firmer and healthier in the absence of the calculus.

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Every denture fits differently even if you have experience with wearing dentures. The design of a denture is orientated around maximising retention and stability to achieve maximum aesthetics and function. In some cases immediate adjustments are carried out as the patient feels areas of discomfort. Some areas of discomfort resolve as the gums and teeth adjust to the coverage of the new denture. Sore areas may only become apparent after the denture has been worn and used for some time. We like to make a courtesy call 5-7 days after you have been issued with your new dentures to make sure you are happy and comfortable. If there are any problems we will promptly appoint you for further adjustments. We do not charge for adjusting your new denture made by us regardless of how many visits you require.

When not in use make sure your guard is stored in the boxes provided to you. After each use rinse with cold water and brush with your toothbrush. Avoid using hot water as this can irreversibly distort or weaken your guard.


Covid-19 Update – Level 1 Restrictions

To our valued patients,

Great news, we are now back to Level 1 restrictions! This means we can treat patients and perform all normal dental procedures. We will now begin contacting all patients that had their appointments postponed during the level 2 and 3 restrictions.

We are taking the following steps to ensure the safety of all:

  • Screening all patients to ensure they are well and have not recently returned from overseas or interstate. That they have not been in contact with anyone who is or may be a COVID-19 risk
  • Adhering to social distancing
  • Using hand sanitizer on arrival
  • Using pre mouthwash rinse prior to treatment
  • Using the highest necessary standard of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Regular and thorough cleaning of all surfaces

If you are unwell or experiencing any cold and flu like symptoms, we ask that you please stay at home and postpone your appointment until you are well and have been cleared of any COVID-19 risk.

We appreciate your patience and look forward to seeing you soon.